December 2016

Christmas at Excellence Academy

There was a great Christmas celebration in the month of December. All of our departments including our staff participated in the Christmas Showcase.

Christmas Play – The Inn Keeper

In December of 2016 our school staged a Christmas play entitled “The Innkeeper.” All of the departments of the school pitched in to help paint the scenery, make the costumes, provide music and acting experiences.

November 2016

Thanksgiving Fellowship

Many Excellence Academy families were on hand for Thanksgiving. There was a great family and school fellowship

Veteran’s Day Tribute by Excellence Students

On Veteran’s Day Excellence Academy students placed flags on the graves of veterans at the Richwood Cemetery. It helped students learn about the sacrifices made to gain American freedom.

November First Friday Review

In November there was a First Friday talent review that featured the artistic talents of our students in various aspects of the performing arts. It was an fun activity.

X Student News November 2016

This video included many of the activities involving students as they participated in the arts in October of 2016.

October 2016

First Friday Review for October 2016

A review of performing and visual arts presentations of students at the monthly First Friday Showcase.

Class learns about Mardi Gras in Louisiana History 2016

The 8th Grad Social Studies Class learned about Mardi Gras. Mrs. Cindy Jones, Instructor.

X Student News October 2016

This video included many of the activities involving students as they participated in the arts in September of 2016. T

2016 Time Traveler’s Boot Camp

Each year a large number of students from across the city come to show that they have what it takes to be a Top Gun Time Traveler. The Boot Camp is a 15 hour overnight experience designed to eliminate the weak hearted as the group prepares for it annual Trek’s around the USA.


First Friday September 2016

This video included many of the activities involving students as they participated in the arts in August of 2016. This video has highlights of the0 First Friday Show for September 2016.

X News Report for the month of August 2016

This video included many of the activities involving students from the summer through the first month of school. This video was part of the First Friday Show for September 2016.

First Day Sliding into “Dem” A’s 2016-17

On the first day of school we all slid down a giant 16 foot tall slide to show how we planned to slide into them A’s in the new school year. Roosevelt Wright our CEO and Principal Christina Gremillion were the first to make the slide.

July 2016

Summer Arts Camp Review 2016

In the summer of 2016 the Excellence Academy sponsored an arts camp for 2016 in the performing arts and basketball. The week long activity attracted many new students.

Excellence 13 Colonies Tour 2016

In the summer of 2016 the Excellence Academy and Time Travelers toured all 13 of the Original Colonies as they studied the American Revolution. They had fun in the process.

May 2016

Excellence Students Visit Little Rock 2016

The year in Learn/Fun trip carried all Excellence Students to Little Rock Arkansas and Magic Springs. They visited the Clinton Presidential Library, the Little Rock Zoo as well as Magic Springs water park. There was no cost to the students; it’s part of the “Well Traveled” aspect of Excellence Academy.

March 2016

Flood waters troubled many student’s families this month

In the Spring of 2016 there was a flood that troubled many Excellence Families. School was closed for a week and it took many days for students for regroup, but we overcame just as other families did the same.

December 2015

X News Report for December 16, 2015

The English/Broadcast Journalism Class presented a news report, recorded in the school studio, that summarized activities in the last month.

November 2015

X News Report for November 6, 2015

The English/Broadcast Journalism Class presented a news report, recorded in the school studio, that summarized activities in the last month.

Journalism Students Selected for KNOE Student News

The Excellence Academy Broadcast Journalism class was selected to be among four area schools to air a “Student News” segment for KNOE-TV Television. Our students learned much from the experience.

First Friday November 2015

The First Friday showcase of November 2015 displayed many school talents from drama to music. It’s more than a talent show, it was an experience!

October 2015

First Friday shows off various gifts

The First Friday event for the 2015 school year was exciting. Talents were on display as parents and community friends enjoyed each art component of the school’s presentation.


Mark Twain comes to Excellence

Henry Crump, an 81 year old Mark Twain impersonator came to Excellence in the fall of 2015. His appearance accentuated the 8th grade class project of reading “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.”


August 2015

Excellence Staff Retreat Stressed Working Together

The Excellence Team participated in a three day retreat at Seeker Springs retreat center in August of 2015. The goal was to learn the importance of team work and to get to know each other informally. There were many teamwork exercises. In one exercise they the had to work together to place a tennis ball on a bottle using only strings. In another, they had to cross a mountain using teamwork and imagination. There was a bonfire, swimming and and other fun things, too!

July 2015

CSI Workshop taught students about police investigations

They watched it on TV but it was gruesome as Excellence scholars watched how a crime scene is investigated by the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office. A team of CSI investigators spent two days this summer showing our scholars the ropes. There were blood splatters, corpses, actual video footage, fingerprints and the crime lab. A few scholars loved it; others left determined to stay as far away as they could from dead bodies. It was fun!

Excellence Time Travelers Underground Railroad Tour

In July of 2015 the Excellence Time Travelers retraced the steps of runaway slaves from Northeast Louisiana to Canada.  Along the way, they dressed in slave clothes and reenacted Harriet Tubman’s efforts to bring freedom to Northeast La.

Fun Scenes from the Excellence 2015 National Underground Railroad Tour

The Excellence/Top Gun summer tour cover nine days of learning and excitement. Relive the journey in this video.

May 2015

Reflections on the Class of 2015

The Class of 2015 has moved on to high school this is video reflection of “The way we were” in 2014-15 at Excellence Academy.

Scholars make exciting music video

The Excellence Videography scholars made a fun video about the excitement of answering questions and learning at Excellence Academy. The theme is for every student to study to be prepared to “throw you hands up!”

April 2015

Rally Day was “Excellence on Parade”

In April, the school hosted a rally day for elementary students interested in pursuing the performing arts at Excellence Academy. Many of our Performing Arts scholars were on hand to meet the new 6th graders and their parents.

Getting Crazy at the School Dance

Scholars had a chance to get crazy and really loosen up at the school party. It was fun!

March 2015

Excellence Time Travelers at the Catfish Festival

The Excellence Time Travelers attended the Catfish Festival in Winnsboro, La. It was a day of fun and entertainment.

February 2015

Black Heritage Parade 2015

Excellence Academy had several entries in the 2015 Black Heritage parade. Our drumline, dancers and royalty were on showcase for the world to see.

December 2014

The Excellence Academy Mime Time performed at the First Friday production held in the sanctuary of the Tabernacle Baptist Church in December 2014.

November 2014

Our school visited the Vietnam Memorial when it toured Monroe

In November of 2014 the Traveling replica of the Vietnam Wall came to Monroe. The entire Excellence Student body went to the exhibit on Veteran’s Day and followed it with a program saluting veterans.

August 2014

Back to school fun day

In August 2014 there was a back to school fun day for students to meet their new teachers and to chill out together. It was Da bomb!

July 2014

Excellence Time Travelers Washington D.C. Tour 2014

The Excellence Time Travelers and Top Gun Venturers traveled to Washington D.C. in the summer of 2014 in search of American History. They went to the Smithonians, White House, Arlington Cemetery and many other historic stops along the way.

September 2013

Excellence Academy Alma Mater

The Excellence Academy Alma Mater was was written by Roosevelt Wright, III. His brother, an Excellence Academy Instructor wrote the music and sings this version of the song.

August 2013

The Building of Excellence Academy

The Opening of Excellence Academy was a faith walk that required its first staff and founders to put together a program, renovate a building, recruit students, meet all zoning codes and require financing in a very small window of time. With just 52 days remaining until opening day the building had not be renovated, codes had not been met and there was no financing. Yet, 52 days later the school opened on time. This is the video story of that faith walk of the members of the New Tabernacle Baptist Church, the first staff and a supportive community.