Parent – School Understandings

Parents and the Charter School

Excellence Academy Charter School has been established and advertised as a school of choice with high standards. The concept of a partnership of mutual respect between parents, teachers, and students has been one of the strengths of Excellence Academy Charter School. The educational climate at Excellence Academy Charter School cannot be maintained in accordance with the Excellence Academy Charter School mission, goals, and objectives if there is a breakdown in any aspect of the partnership. Accountability of all people provides this partnership. Teachers are trained to use classroom management techniques that foster optimum learning conditions, and to communicate with parents their expectations for students. Policies exist whereby teachers who do not perform their teaching duties and others duties in their job descriptions will not be rehired. Policies are on file whereby students are held accountable, and if conformity to the high standards is not maintained, the students may be recommended for dismissal from Excellence Academy Charter School.


This partnership between students, teachers, and parents requires parents to support

Excellence Academy Charter School and its teachers, as the school attempts to carry out its mission. A current contract shall be kept in place for each child whereby parents assume their responsibility in assessing the child at home. Parents shall be made aware of all policies by means of the student handbook and the policy manual kept in the office and available to parents.


Parents who exhibit open hostility to teachers and other Excellence Academy Charter School staff members by means of abusive language, either verbally or in written communications, may not be permitted to return to the school campus for any reason. The Principal may suspend any parent from coming onto the school campus for any violation of this policy until such time as the Board of Directors can review the matter. The Board of Directors may uphold the parent’s suspension or change its terms as it determines appropriate.


Without such accountability, the mission of the Excellence Academy Charter School cannot be maintained, and the high standards established for the school will be difficult to uphold. Parents should instruct their children to show respect for all teachers and other Excellence Academy Charter School staff members, as well as the other children who attend Excellence Academy Charter School.


Annually parents/guardians shall be notified of the proper process and procedure to be followed to make a complaint or request information from the school’s officials and/or the Board of Directors. This notice shall be in writing and shall include the name, address, telephone number, and email address of the appropriate contact person for each step of the prescribed process. The information shall also be made a part of the student handbook.




Excellence Academy Charter School parents may participate in the development of the Parental Involvement Plan by completing the annual Needs Assessments. Parents will also participate through representation of the Advisory Committee, which is the committee that reviews and develops parental participation activities.


A written letter will be sent to the parents of at-risk and non- at-risk students, requesting their participation in the School Improvement Planning process. Parents will be invited to attend planning meetings and will be urged to have input in the school improvement activities. Parent participation will be documented and kept on file with the School Improvement Plan.


Excellence Academy Charter School is a separate local education authority (LEA). The Principal or designated teachers are responsible for implementation and support of all parent participation activities. Designated teachers will attend state provided parent and family participation professional development as it is offered. There are no Pre-K programs currently in operation at Excellence Academy Charter School.


The Excellence Academy Charter School Advisory Committee, through the use of the annual Needs Assessments and questionnaires, will evaluate the effectiveness of the parental participation policy on a yearly basis. Careful examination of the policy and activities with regards to subgroups and at-risk parents will be part of the evaluation process. A review of parent participation activities and parent in-services will also be part of the evaluation.


It is a requirement of Excellence Academy Charter School that parents sign a contract, which requires them to participate in the prescribed number of hours for each child attending the school. Additionally, Excellence Academy Charter School will conduct two (2) parent-teacher conferences during the first semester of school and all parents/guardians will be required to attend at least one of those conferences. Parents/guardians who fail to attend at least one of these parent-teacher conferences may be penalized in a manner determined by the Principal, provided that the penalty does involve any student. Even so, the Board of Directors acknowledge that all parental participation is voluntary and failure on the part of parents will in no way result in penalties being assessed against any student. Parental participation is an effective and necessary ingredient in every student’s education and for that reason the Board of Directors will avail itself of every means possible to encourage the maximum amount of participation and involvement in the life of the students and the school.