Original Excellence Academy Motivational Music 

  • Excellence Academy Alma Mater - Instrumental of the School Alma Mater
  • Ain't Worried Bout it - Troubles at home won't stop me from learning
  • All My Dawgs Go to College - I hang with friends who are college bound
  • Believe in Myself - I won't succeed unless I believe in myself
  • Can't wait till I go to college - I'm training myself for college- I can't wait
  • Champions - I will succeed because I am a champion
  • Dumb Dudes and Chicks - I'm studying because dumb doesn't succeed
  • I'ma Be Da President - Scandal's Oliva Pope wants me - The next President
  • I'm Gon' Be a Billionaire - I must study hard to become a billionaire
  • I'm Fly - I'm well dressed, smart and fly!
  • I Got Drive - Like the best made car - I got drive!
  • On My Way to Class - Excited about going to class
  • For the rest of my life - I'm going to shine and succeed!
  • I can't look back - I must go forward/forget my failures
  • I could never be ratchet - I'm a lady, I could never be ratchet
  • I want it - I want to succeed badly
  • Laugh at me - The world can laugh, but I plan to succeed
  • Living on top of the world - Enjoying my life and my dreams
  • Never Give Up - No Matter What happens I won't quit
  • Throw Your hands up - In class I participate because I'm Smart
  • Stay Outta Trouble - Stay in school and out of Trouble
  • Make Dem A's - I'ma Baller cause I make A's in school
  • Me and My Girlfriend - Me and Girlfriend Study hard to be successes
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