Percussion Lesson Plans 2014-15

Performing Arts/Percussion

  • Unit 1 – Sticks and Positions
  1. The Excitement of the drums
  2. It begins by learning to hold the sticks:Traditional Grip Explained
  3. Demonstrate both Match and traditional grip for your instructor
  4. Tell what you have learned about sticking.


  • Unit 2 – Reading the sheet music


  1. Reading the music
  2. A Tutorial on reading drum music
  3. Understanding how to count drum music
  4. On a sheet of music identify and play various notes pointed out by your teacher
  5. Reading music. Show what you know.


  • Unit 3 – Learning Rolls


  1. Single stroke roll: Demonstrate
  2. Multiple Bounce Roll: Demonstrate
  3. Various Rolls (Learn and Demonstrate all)
  4. Tell what you know. Ask for the rolls password and demonstrate your written knowledge.


  • Unit 4- Paradiddle Rudiments


  1. Rudiments based on Paradiddles


  • Unit 5 – Marching Band
    1. Play the cymbals in the school drum corps
    2. Play the bass drum in the school drum corps
    3. Play the snare and tenor drum in the school drum corps
    4. Tell what you have learned?