Drama 2014-15

  1. Unit 1 – Ways of Story telling
    1. What is a fable?
    2. The hare and the tortoise
    3. Read 10 fables from the following list. Note the moral of each.
    4. Report on what you have learned about morals and fables.
    5. Read any two of the fairy tales of Hans Christian Anderson
    6. Make a video in which you and friends tell one of the fables you read and save it in your dropbox.
    7. Slave narratives were stories from former slaves who told about their lives as slaves
    8. Select a slave narrative from this page. Make a costume and, using your Ipad, record yourself reciting your “memorized” excerpt. (Your video must not be less than 2 minutes long. You only have to learn a part of the narrative, not the entire story.) Save your video in your drop box
    9. Tall tales are about bigger than life heroes whose feats were exaggerated. Watch the African-American story of John Henry, the steel driving man.
    10. Write a tall tale that you have heard about a member of your family. Video your tall tale with your Ipad and store in your Dropbox for your teacher to review.
    11. Shadow Puppets were a means of telling stories by the Chinese
    12. Watch a shadow puppet show using only hands.
    13. How to make shadow puppets using only your hands.
    14. Design your own shadow puppet show and film it with your Ipad. Store your video in your dropbox for your teacher to review.
    15. Report on what you have learned about fables, narratives and other forms of storytelling.
  1. Unit 2 – The Nine Muses of Greek Mythology                Description of the Muses
  1. Depiction of the Nine Muses
  2. This class made a video about the muses. Watch how they did it and prepare to make your own video, with props or costumes that dramatizes the nine muses. When you have.
  3. Greek theater often performed what Greeks believed about how the gods controlled the lives of people on earth. They believed in the fates.
  1. Read about the three fates
  2. The fates and your destiny
  3. Acting out the three fates
  1. Greek theater often reflected their belief in the three female gods that represented: joy, charm and beauty. They were known as the three graces:
  1. The Three Graces
  1. Report on what you have learned about the Muses of Greek Mythology.