Costuming Design Lesson Plan

  Excellence Academy Costuming Class


  • Machine Knowledge


Learning the operations of the sewing machine. Learning what each part does. Learning the difference in each stitch pattern.

Watch: Threading a needle the old fashion way.

Watch  The general stitching operation

Watch: Using the sewing machine to execute various patterns.

In class you will learn how to thread a need the old fashion way. You will also learn how a sewing machine works and the various patterns it can make. Your instructor will demonstrate and then you will show what you have learned.

Write a paragraph about what you learned from this experience. Use the access code “needle.”

  • Sewing Tools


Learning the tools of the trade and what their purposes are.

Watch: Essential tools    In class you will be shown many of the items you saw in the video. Watch as your instructor shows you some of the tools that will be used as you learn to design costumes.

Write a paragraph about the tools that will be used in class to make costumes. Use the access code “tools”

  • Stitching


Learning the different stitches made by the sewing machine and when to use each type of stitch.

Watch: Straight and Top Stitch

Watch: Zig Zag Stitch

   In class you will be given a hands on demonstration

  1. Sewing Buttons

Students will learn the types of buttons and their purpose and how to place or replace buttons on garments.

Watch: Hand sewing a button

Watch: Sewing a button with a sewing machine

 In class you will be given a hands on demonstration

  • Hemming


Students will be taught the stitch made to hem a garment by hand and by machine.

Watch: How to hem using a sewing machines (two examples.)   Watch: How to hem by hand

Cutting a Pattern

Students will learn to cut and sew from a pattern.

Watch: How to cut out and sew pattern pieces.

In class you will layout, cut and sew your pattern pieces.

Now that you have participated in the class activities. Let’s write a little. Use the access code “checkup” and take your quiz.

  • Garment Making


Each student is required to make 3-4 garments during this year. Each will be graded on their abilities to use what they have learned to make/create their garment.

  • Costuming


Students will be shown how to costume a character in a play according to the period the play/scene was depicted. They will be taught how to take a ready-made garment and design it into a different garment all together.

  • Costume making for theater and movies


Students will be introduced to making costumes for school plays, theater and movies. This hands-on instruction will including making costumes for the African-American Heritage Drama, learning about professional costuming and making a final project for the school end of year production.

Watch: Costume making for theater

Watch: Introduction to theater: Costume Designer

Watch: A look into the fashion design of a movie in specific period

Watch: The design for a Harry Potter movie

Final Costume Show