Physical Education – Healthy Living & Physical Education Plans

Unit 1. –Aerobic Capacity (Exercise)

  1. What is aerobic capacity
  2. Your teacher will explain aerobic capacity, listen
  3. Exercises to build aerobic capacity
    1. Participate in class aerobic exercises-Squat test
    2. Participate in class aerobic exercises-Push ups
    3. Participate in class aerobic exercises-Ab crunches
  4. Test on Aerobic Capacity
  5. Perform aerobic exercises to satisfaction of your instructor

Unit 2. –Healthy Living

  1. Importance of being trustworthy (Start at page 3)
  2. Importance of Loyalty (Start at page 16)
  3. Helping others is a sign of character (Start at page 39)
  4. Ask for the Healthy Living 1-3 password and demonstrate what you have learned.
  5. Friendliness is important (Start at page 52)
  6. Unit Test
  7. Perfecting your manners (Start at page 62)
  8. How to treat others (Start at page 84)
  9. Ask for the Healthy Living 4-6 password and demonstrate what you have learned.
  10. Learning to obey rules is essential (Start at page 89)
  11. Have an optimistic spirit (Start at page 95)
  12. Using your money and time wisely (Start at page 101)
  13. What does it mean to be brave (Start at page 130)
  14. Ask for the Healthy Living7-10 password and demonstrate what you have learned.
  15. Keeping your body clean (Start at page 137)
  16. Respecting the beliefs of others (Start at page 146)
  17. Thinking serious about your education (Start at page 154)
  18. So you have a boyfriend or girlfriend (Start at page 165)
  19. Ask for the Healthy Living7-10 password and demonstrate what you have learned

Unit 3 – Learning the Sports

  1. Football
    1. Information about American Football
    2. Teacher led football learning activities.
    3. Officials and a few rules – Pay attention to the teacher’s presentation
    4. Profile of James “Shack” Harris
  2. Soccer – International
    1. Information about soccer
    2. World Cup Highlights
    3. Highlights of Pele
    4. Teacher led soccer learning activities
  3. Basketball
    1. Basketball information
    2. Legend: Micheal Jordan
    3. Legend: Kareem (Skyhook)
    4. Legend: Spud Webb (Dunk)
    5. Legend: Bill Russell (Monroe)
    6. Teacher led basketball activities
  4. Track and Field
    1. Track Championships (highlights)
    2. High Jump
    3. Discus Throw
    4. Teacher led track activities
  5. Boxing
    1. Legend: Jack Johnson
    2. Legend: Joe Louis
    3. Muhammad Ali
    4. Mike Tyson
    5. Teacher led boxing activities
  6. Ask for the sports password and demonstrate your knowledge