Common Core Curriculum

Instruction at Excellence Academy follows the standard curriculum provided by the Louisiana Department of Education and is Common Core friendly.

A combination of in-class and virtual instruction is utilized in each class to allow students to progress at their own rate. The plans teachers use are posted on our website to allow parents to help students with their assignments or to encourage them to move ahead and tackle the next tasks in their year’s instruction.

Class Calendar of Assignments

The class assignment calendar allows parents or students to see any assignments that may be due in a class. The calendar shows previous and upcoming assignments. Students who may have missed a day in class or may be absent can check the class calendar to get updates on class expectations.

Acellus Access

Our virtual instruction program is provided the International Academy of Science’s Acellus Program. Acellus instruction is provided for every Core subject, but not the performing arts. Students who are ill or who must be away from school for lengths of time can log into the Acellus Program, pick a subject and receive home instruction through more than 9,000 instructional videos that explain course information step by step. Each student has a private access code. Teachers will see and credit them for their home-school work.