The Five W’s

The Excellence Academy Five W’s

Excellence Academy students receive merits each day for their progress toward achieving the “Five W’s” that we think contribute to a well rounded student who is destined for success.  Their progress in these five areas is included on their report cards for parent review.

  1. Well Dressed.

Excellence students are encouraged to dress for the occasion. They are being groomed to be President of the United States, heads of major corporations, leaders of churches, politicians and civic leaders. To do that, each student must learn to dress appropriate for the occasion with style and taste. At school, students wear the complete uniform daily to practice for the day they will be professionals who must also dress for success.

  1. Well Read

Students are encouraged to read something of value everyday. Whether it’s a chapter of a novel, column from a newspaper or website blog, or a magazine article, reading and absorbing information from a variety of sources is essential to the successful man or woman. Each day Excellence students are challenged with an array of prizes that range from $1 to $100 if they demonstrate they read current events, watch the news or otherwise prepare themselves in this respect.

  1. Well Spoken

Students are encouraged to speak correctly, enunciate properly and to increase their vocabularies. The ability to express themselves is essential since they will be successful people and regular features on television news, guest audience appearances and other venues where the successful regularly appear and speak in public. Excellence students receive extra points daily for using correct English and using new words in the conversations daily.

4.  Well Traveled

Students who travel broaden their horizons. Those who see and experience a wide variety places, cultures, and lifestyles have a better understanding of the world around them and are better prepared to assume their places as leaders of their generation.  Excellence students receive extra credit for traveling to venues outside of Ouachita Parish either with their families or as a part of church or civic groups.  To insure that every student gets a chance to travel at least once a year the school arranges for  two multi-day educational tours at the end of the school year: one within 500 miles  of Ouachita Parish is provided for every student free of charge. The second is promoted in partnership with the Top Gun Leadership Program and carries students across the USA by bus, plane or train. Students participating the USA tour raise the funds for their trips which range from seven to 14 days and cover all 50 of the United States

  1. Well Disciplined

No matter how smart, well traveled, well spoken, well dressed or well read a student may be, it matters little if he/she has no self discipline. The ability to follow rules is one form of discipline.  The ability to obey rules at home, school and in the community is a hallmark of a successful student.  Likewise, the ability to stay focused and not be drawn off track is another.  Students who demonstrate personal discipline to avoid trouble and to stay focused are well on their way to success.  At Excellence, students who obey the rules and demonstrate personal discipline and focus receive merits daily.