What Excellence Academy is all about

The scholars at Excellence Academy are all have one thing in common: they have a love for the performing arts. While they learn their core subjects like all other middle school students, Excellence provides them an opportunity to pursue their passion in the arts.


Journalism Students get college experience in Middle School

Journalism/English students learn to apply English skills in a way that prepares them for the job market. They prepare news broadcasts, edit video and show them at school assemblies. In 2015-16 the students were among four schools selected for KNOE-TV’s Student News segment.

Student body visited the Clinton Library in Arkansas

In the spring of 2016 The entire Excellence Academy student body and faculty traveled to Little Rock Arkansas to visit the Clinton Presidential Library and the Little Rock Zoo. It was an out of class learning experience that is typical to Excellence. The trip was free of charge to all students.

Theater is the core of Excellence’s Performing Arts Program

Each year the Excellence Drama department plunges into the annual African-American Heritage Drama held at the Civic Center. The student based drama involves nearly 100 actors, dancers and performers from across the city. At the heart of it all is the Excellence drama department. In 35 days of rehearsal the Excellence Team gives students the big stage feel when the walk on the Civic Center Stage in February

Excellence Time Travelers learn History through Nation Wide Travel

Each year the entire student body of Excellence Travels to historic locations within 500 miles of the school to study and learn. However, a smaller subset called “Time Travelers” actually tour the entire United States. During these summer tours Excellence students get hands on learning as they learn American History first hand. In the summer of 2016, the Time Travelers toured the 13 Original Colonies. They dressed up as Indentured Servants and re-enacted what it must have been like to be an indentured servant in time-period of the Mayflower. After graduation from Excellence, many students continue to participate with the Time Travelers until the graduate from high school.


First Friday events display student talent

In the fall of each year, Excellence stages monthly “First Friday” events to showcase school talent in the performing arts. Dance, Music, Mime, Drama, Costume Design all come together in a monthly showcase that is both educational and fun. It’s a part of student life at Excellence Academy Charter School.



Time Travelers-See the USA

The Excellence Time Travelers make U.S. history live by providing travel opportunities to Excellence Students each summer. Partnered with Troop 65’s Venturers and Scouts, the Time Travelers spend 9 to 15 days each summer visiting historic sites. This unique blend of scouting, venturing and education has been featured in the International Scouting Magazine. In addition to the Time Travelers, the entire school spends four days at the end of the school year traveling to historic destinations across the state and region. These intrastate learn/fun educational tours do not require any student fees or fundraising, it’s a part of the Excellence out-of-class learning model.